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As you begin this process, you must be very careful of information you accept to be true regarding your fiance visa application, or other visa application. During a recent search on the Internet of so-called visa help sites, we discovered that some of the information contained on those sites was so outdated that your application would not even be considered. Some information on these Web sites had not been updated since 1992. With things changing so fast at the immigration procedures and the overseas embassies and consulates, even advice from someone that just received an immigration visa might not be accurate. The do-it-yourself method might work for some, but ask yourself if it is worth NOT EVER being with your loved one to save a few dollars now. So hire us to start the process as soon as possible and let our fiance visa services and marriage visa services work for you. Naturally, we are not saying that we are the only immigration visa service and attorney service that can get you a visa.

We have specialized services for you and your Chinese loved one in China, assisted by a skilled staff members that speak the native language of your fiance or spouse. We will help you gather and prepare all required and necessary documents, prepare your fiance or spouse for the embassy or consulate interview, and may attend the interview with your fiance or spouse where we are permitted to do so, and where we feel it may be necessary to ensure there are no problems. In addition, we have many ways to expedite most Visas. No other Visa Service can offer you this type of extensive specialized services in China.

Your Chinese loved ones will obtain their visa 2 - 4 months faster because we know the whole procedure. The chance of making an error in the application process is greatly reduced. Any error, even a minor one, can delay your application for months. You save time, trouble, and possible denial, by letting our experts handle the work and worry for you. Our experienced representative will guide your Chinese loved ones through the process by having an experienced translator (if needed) communicate with them by phone and e-mail, some even in person. This reduces their anxiety level and prevents them from making a mistake in the process. Plus where permitted we attend the interview with them to hopefully prevent other potential problems.

We don't charge you an arm and a leg like other Visa Services

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We offer many services and unlike other visa companies we design a package that fits your needs instead of having one flat fee for everyone, please contact us today so we may design a package that best fits your particular needs.

We have offices in Nanning and Shanghai and will handle your case from the start to the end.