Visas China, We specialize in obtaining Visas for your fiance or wife
About Visas China

We have been extremely successful in helping clients over the last 7 years to bring their beloved Chinese ladies to the USA, UK and other English speaking countries. We always provide the Professional Service in Interacting with our Clients and their Loved in China. Western Countries' Visa application can be very challenging and stressful. So we usually provide all the information right from the start and make everything simple and clear in our initial. Through the Positive Interaction with our Clients, we not only keep a good relationship with our Clients, but also make the application become a very smooth process. In fact, weeks or months can be wasted because you didn't send all the required supportin documents or even little mistakes in your forms. Some even caused the rejection of the case. Our experienced agents will be sure to send all of your supporting documents accurately when you apply. This will help to leave a favorable first impression on the government agents handling your case.

We will continue to monitor your petition until approval and keep you apprised of the progress as the petition advances. For some countries which need Interview, like USA, UK and Canada we will also provide the very most professional coach. This is usually the final step before you become a landed immigrant. Your interview will often be the deciding factor since every immigration officer has the right to accept or refuse you for any reason. If you do well during your interview, the application will be accepted. On the other hand, if you do poorly, it will be rejected. To many Clients, this part is usually neglected, and may just focus on the paper work. We will help you to prepare your interview, provide a list of possible questions the officer may ask you, give you tips that will put you in a favorable light, and we will help you practice this final step in simulated interviews until you feel ready. In fact, even after our clients in China get their Visa, we will also give them enough Information about the destination countries, and so that they can becomeinvolved the new society as soon as possible.

Some companies and even some law firms tell you that they can get her here in 90 days on a K1 (fiancee visa), or a K3 (spousal visa), and that they have contacts in the US Embassy overseas. Since we have been helping our clients for over 7 years, we know that you want to believe this to be true, but it simply is not. Do yourself a favor and contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at 1-800-375-5283 and ask them how long it takes. The USCIS will tell you that in most cases, it is taking 90 to 120 days for them to do the initial approval of the I-129F fiancee petition in the USA, and therefore impossible to get her here in 90 days since it still has to go to the National Visa Center and then the Embassy in her country for her interview.

Please be sure you understand that if you make an error in your visa application, it can cost you 90 to 120 days to have the paper work sent back to you, send it back to the USCIS, and then for the USCIS to get it back into the stack they are working on. For your benefit, Visas China offers support to help you bring your future wife to the USA and UK.

Regarding Travel Visas

Australia, UK, USA Canada do not issue Travel Visa`s or Visitor Visa's to 99% of women who live in 3rd World Countries. These countries include, almost all of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. If a woman says she can get a visa on her own, most likely she has received bad information from someone, or is giving you bad information. Do not send money for her to get a visa or to have her buy airplane tickets.

Legal Notice

Visas China is not an Immigration Law Firm and does not give legal advise, nor are we employees of immigration authorities. Our Immigration Support is simply one of the best ways you can help yourself in getting your fiancee or wife to your country.