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  • EASY - Follow our simple visa application procedures
  • SPECIALIZED - We only do visas for foreigners who marry Chinese
  • CLEAR - We communicate with our Chinese clients in their native language avoiding mistakes
  • CORRECT - We guarantee your paperwork will be done correctly all the time
  • EXPERIENCED - 8 years with hundreds of cases
  • PROFESSIONAL - Many previously denied cases finally get approved under our professional help
  • RELIABLE - We have helped hundreds of clients successfully in the past 8 years
  • AFFORDABLE - For comparable services, our rates are reasonable or lower

USA Applicant
Fiance Visa K-1
Spouse Visa IR1 / CR1
Spouse Visa K-3
UK Applicant
Settlement Visa
Canadian Applicant
Sponsoring a Relative or Family Member/Permanent Resident Visa
Australian Applicant
Spouse Temporary Visa
Prospective Marriage Visa

Choose our Services and Know the Fees

We have specialized services for you and your Chinese loved one in China, assisted by a skilled staff members that speak the native language of your fiance or spouse. We will help you gather and prepare all required and necessary documents, prepare your fiance or spouse for the embassy or consulate interview, and may attend the interview with your fiance or spouse where we are permitted to do so, and where we feel it may be necessary to ensure there are no problems. In addition, we have many ways to expedite most Visas.

No other Visa Service can offer you this type of extensive specialized services in China. Your Chinese loved ones will obtain their visa 2-4 months faster because we know the whole procedure and always catch the time to prepare the next. The chance of making an error in the application process is greatly reduced. Any error, even a minor one, can delay your application for months.